Regarding taxi safety, remember these three tips are enough.

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

In the United States, May 19th is the national taxiing day every year. We have extracted three basic guidelines from many safety tips. These three guidelines are easy to remember, can be shared at any time, and are easy to operate.

1. Develop the habit of wearing a safety helmet

First of all, everyone knows that wearing a helmet is very important! But we also know that wearing a helmet every time is a bit difficult to stick, especially for people who think that wearing a helmet is uncomfortable / inconvenient / not cool.

Getting into the habit of wearing a helmet requires determination and planning. Just start by putting your helmet at your fingertips! For example, at the door, you must not forget when you go out. You can also put your favorite stickers on the helmet, children can put cute cartoon stickers, adults can stick cool text or patterns. It is also a pleasure to wear a helmet in this way.

In cycling or skiing, helmets are now standard, which is slowly affecting the world of scooters. Although most athletes don't use the protection provided by the helmet when they are riding a scooter or skiing, it is more comfortable to wear.

2. Defensive riding

When educating children, the word "defensive" looks a bit big, but it is actually a good concept, especially when the child is young and begins to instill the concept. For many children, this "big word" is strange and interesting for them. They also know that this "big word" looks very good at a young age!

Defensive riding consists of two parts: controlling speed and paying attention to the surrounding car. Defensive cycling is also suitable for cycling, other gliding tools, or people running in the city.

What kind of speed is appropriate? First of all, we need to know that it is easier to stop quickly when it is 2.5-5 cm from the ground, and it can be easily jumped off the scooter. From this point of view, if you can't easily jump off the scooter while riding, it may be too fast. Therefore, when riding, please control your own speed, and it is advisable to jump safely immediately.

3. Comply with local traffic regulations

With regard to intersections, crosswalks and traffic lights, the regulations vary from place to place, so it is important to fully understand local traffic regulations and comply with them.

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