Scooter considerations

Time:2018-09-05 12:00:00

First: practicality

Function: Considering the purpose of children's use of scooters, there are many types of scooters available in the world. Some can achieve the purpose of sliding, and some can achieve the purpose of riding. Some children are very young, but parents still decide to let them exercise their leg muscles and balance ability. However, most of the children at this time are still not fully developed. They can't stand on the scooter for a long time, so parents can consider it. Do you want to buy a scooter for your child that can both ride and slide? For example, the cool riding scooter can be converted into a riding mode when the child feels tired after a long gliding. Not only can the leg muscles be relaxed, but also the pleasure of riding.

Second: security

Wheels: Wheels are an important part of scooters. The materials used will of course determine whether the scooter will be smooth during cycling. The cool scooters use PU wheels, which have strong grip and are non-slip and wear resistant. The characteristics are currently relatively common materials on the market.

Brake: The brakes are all located at the top of the rear wheel. When you purchase, you should use the pedal to check whether the brakes are flexible and comfortable, and you should also match the correct posture when the child is playing.

Pedal: Inferior scooter pedals bear very little weight. When adults step on it, they will bend instantly. The pedals will affect the structure of the entire scooter. Not only can the children not be able to play, but they are also dangerous. When scooters, be sure to pay attention to various parameters, such as the weight of the pedal and so on.

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